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Incomplete sentences in any English text make it the worst for the readers to comprehend the meaning of the writing. This issue is one of the major issues in writings, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL).

In this article, let’s explore the definition and symptoms of an incomplete sentence and how it can be corrected and also explore the ways how do I check for incomplete sentences through a sentence fragment detector.

FAQ: Incomplete Sentences Finder 

You can explore different aspects of an incomplete sentence through basic questions that frequently arise in the minds of a writer as mentioned below.

Q: How do you know if a sentence is incomplete?

According to the definition of an incomplete sentence, a group of words, which do not make sense or do not convey the desired idea to the readers is known as incomplete sentences. Thus, you can say that a sentence is complete if it has any one of the following characteristics or symptoms:

how do i check for incomplete sentences
  • ✓ No complete meaning
  • ✓ Incomplete ideas
  • ✓ Verb is missing
  • ✓ Subject is missing
  • ✓ Proper punctuation is missing
  • ✓ Independent clause of the sentence missing
  • ✓ You cannot make it a meaningful interrogative question

Q: Could you give any examples of such sentences?

A few examples based on the above-mentioned symptoms or characteristics are given below for easy understanding.

While we were waiting for a bus. (Independent clause missing)

Enjoyed being at a new cineplex. (Subject missing)

80% of people were aware of the virus 20% were unaware of it. (conjunction missing)

He works late at night so you should pay him extra money. (punctuation missing)

Sarah at the hill station. (verb missing)

Q: How do you avoid incomplete sentences?

Avoiding incomplete sentences in your text is a knowledge-oriented and tricky activity. You should have command over the English grammar and writing skills for this task. You can avoid incomplete sentences by taking the following precautions in your writing:

how to detect incomplete sentences and avoid them
  1. Avoid sentences that don’t provide complete meaning
  2. Avoid sentences that cannot convey your idea
  3. Avoid sentences with verbs and subjects missing
  4. Make sure your sentence is properly connected through a conjunction
  5. Make sure your sentence is not a run-on sentence without any punctuation.

Q: How to fix incomplete sentences?

For fixing incomplete sentences you should have either full command over the structures of English writing or you should use an online automated grammar tool to check for incomplete sentences in your writing. You can also get your text to proofread and edited by an expert. The first and the most basic thing for avoiding incomplete sentences in your text is to find the incomplete sentence. Once you find the incomplete sentence, you can correct it by following the rules and definitions of correcting the incomplete sentences.

Q: Can you detect incomplete sentences online?

Yes, you can use any professional-grade online tool like our incomplete sentence checker to detect an incomplete sentence. Our online platform is an app to tell you if its an incomplete sentence or not easily.

Overview: Incomplete Sentence Analyzer

Our incomplete sentence analyzer is a cloud-based online platform, which is highly featured to check all types of grammatical misuses and mistakes as well as incomplete sentences in your writing. You can make your writing error-free, unique, and with a perfect tone to achieve the desired objectives of the paper or any other type of text.

Our online tool is accessible from anywhere across the globe through supported browsers on your computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices at any time. It is very helpful for a wide range of writers including students, researchers, corporate writers, business writers, marketers, technical writers, fiction writers, academic writers, and many others.

What Errors Can Our Fragment Detector Find?

Our online tool for incomplete sentence finder is designed to correct a wide range of mistakes in your writing. You can find the incomplete sentence online helper tool through any browser for free of charge. The main errors, which our online tool can find are mentioned below:

incomplete sentence checker features
  • Sentence fragments – Our online tool is very accurate and capable of finding and correcting sentence fragments and incomplete sentences easily.
  • Run-on sentences – Run-on sentences are a big issue in different kinds of writings. You can find and fix the run-on sentence issues with the help of our specialized tool online.
  • Active and passive voice misuses – The use of active and passive voices properly in any text is a very tricky and knowledge-driven task. You need to have a larger command over the complexity of the active and passive voice sentences. Our tool can help you find and correct these mistakes instantly.
  • Prepositional phrase issues – Our online platform can find and rectify the misuses of prepositional phrases in your text. These mistakes constitute a major portion of errors in any English text.
  • Tense shifting issues – You can check and fix the issues related to tense shifting in any sentence as well as in paragraphs to maintain a high level of consistency related to tenses and verbs in your text through our online tool.
  • Grammatical errors – Our online app can detect numerous other grammatical errors in your text such as misuses of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, and others.
  • Spelling and punctuation mistakes – Punctuation and spelling mistakes can easily be detected and corrected through our online tool.
  • Plagiarism issues – Our tool makes your text unique and plagiarism-free by checking the text online to make sure your text is not copied from any online source.

Example Sentences Corrected Via Incomplete Sentence Checker

Let’s correct the following examples of incomplete sentences through our online tool.

Incomplete: While we were waiting for a bus.

Complete: We heard an emergency siren, while we were waiting for a bus.

Incomplete: Enjoyed being at a new cineplex.

Complete: We enjoyed being at a new cineplex. 

Incomplete: 80% of people were aware of the virus 20% were unaware of it.

Complete: 80% of the people were aware of the virus and 20% were unaware of it.

Incomplete: He works late at night so you should pay him extra money.

Complete: He works late at night; so, you should pay him extra money.

Incomplete: Sarah at the hill station.

Complete: Sarah is at the hill station.

How to Use Free Incomplete Sentence Corrector Online?

How to find incomplete sentences free online? It is very simple and easy as mentioned in the following steps:

  1. Copy and paste the text into our online tool
  2. Click the “Check my text for free” button. The tool starts checking and underlining the mistakes.
  3. Click underlined mistakes. Corrective options popup
  4. Choose the right corrective option. Repeat this for other mistakes.
  5. You are done!

Reasons to Check Incomplete Sentence Via Online Tool Regularly

Our online tool is specialized in finding and fixing incomplete sentences as well as other numerous grammatical errors in your text. It offers numerous reasons to use it for your text on a regular basis. A few of those reasons are listed below:

  • ✓ It is free to use for unlimited time
  • ✓ Allows you to check multiple times your text whenever you revise it
  • ✓ It is highly accurate and effective in finding text errors
  • ✓ It is powered by cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • ✓ Offers options for continual learning
  • ✓ Offers multiple setting options for tone, level, and other factors
  • ✓ Allows you customized and personalized settings
  • ✓ Powered by the writing experts, linguists, grammaticians, and technology experts
  • ✓ It is faster and efficient to save you money and time
  • ✓ Access it instantly and round the clock from anywhere across the world

If you are looking for professional-level online help for correcting incomplete sentences in your papers, take advantage of our incomplete sentence checker here and now!