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How to fix run on sentences and fragments properly has been one of the major concerns of almost all kinds of writers, especially the students conducting academic research. Many online tools for editing fragment and run-on sentences are available in the marketplace. But, using them effectively requires some basic and useful tips and tricks.

Let’s explore the effective tricks on how to fix incomplete sentences properly in your text and also the top reasons and features of a professional-level online tool.

Distinguishing Features of Sentence Fragments Online Corrector

A fragmented sentence is a group of words, which does not provide complete meaning or idea in that group of words. To complete the meaning of a fragmented sentence, you need to make some corrections.The most distinguishing features of a sentence fragments online are listed below:

how to identify sentence fragments
  • ✓ A sentence, which is a left phrase without providing a complete sense 
  • ✓ The subject of the sentence is missing 
  • ✓ Either the main verb is missing or the wrong form of the verb is used 
  • ✓ Use of an abandoned clause is also a fragment 
  • ✓ Misuse of conjunction to connect two parts of the sentence 
  • ✓ Misuse of punctuation for proper connection of sentences, etc.

Guide on How to Correct Fragments to Make a Complete Sentence

How can you fix a subordinate clause fragment or any other types of fragment issues in your essay that are knowledge-centric activities that consume huge time and your hard-earned money? To correct fragments in your text manually, you need the following prerequisites to complete:

  • ✓ Knowledge of English grammar
  • ✓ Experience in proofreading texts of a wide range
  • ✓ Knowledge of punctuation in professional text
  • ✓ Knowledge of writing styles, referencing styles, and other linguistic standards

If you fulfill the above requirements, you can proceed with the following steps to correct sentence fragments in your text manually:

tips on how to correct fragments
  • ✓ First of all, read the text carefully to detect different types of fragments. A few examples of different types of sentence fragments are listed in the examples.
  • ✓ Each fragment is corrected according to its type; so, you should have knowledge of grammatical corrections.
  • ✓ Once you are done with the corrections, double-check the entire document to ensure nothing has missed out.
  • ✓ Connect two fragments of a sentence by modifying the wrong use of punctuations as shown in example 1 & 2
  • ✓ Two fragments without any proper connection should be connected with a suitable word as done in example 3
  • ✓ Insert the missing punctuations like semicolon and comma in run-on sentence as shown in example 4
  • ✓ Insert the missing subject in the sentence as shown in example 5 & 6
  • ✓ Correct the subjective phrase to complete the sentence as shown in example 7  

Sentence fragment examples:

  1. The online testing tool offers numerous features. Such as code testing, debugging, and performance checking.  
  2. He stood with the victims in that difficult moment. His friends were not supporting him.
  3. My income has decreased. Which is why I want to shift to a small house.
  4. John wants to purchase a new house in a safe locality so he should search for a bungalow in your locality.
  5. Enjoying the snow in Boston.
  6. A thrilling fiction in the French language.
  7. By focusing on only money will not improve the quality of your work.

Completed sentence examples:

  1. The online testing tool offers numerous features, such as code testing, debugging, and performance checking.
  2. He stood with the victims in that difficult moment when his friends were not supporting him.
  3. Because my income has decreased, so I want to shift to a small house.
  4. John wants to purchase a new house in a safe locality; so, he should search for a bungalow in your locality.
  5. We are enjoying the snow in Boston.
  6. She told a thrilling fiction in the French language.
  7. Focusing on only money will not improve the quality of your work.

How to Find Sentence Fragments Online?

It is possible to find sentence fragments through specialized fragments, comma splice, run ons checker online tools. You can find many online subordinate clause checker tools that can help you find fragments of numerous types in your text. But finding the right fragment grammar reviewer tool is tricky. Follow the below-mentioned tips to find the right tool:

  • Online research – Finding the right specialized online fragment run on or comma splice sentence detector tool requires proper research, which involves Googling the online tools, checking the features, reading the reviews of users, and checking the rating of the tools.
  • Friends and colleagues – You can find great fragments online corrector tool from the past experience of any of your friends that have used any professional online fragment finder tool.
  • Service rating websites – There are many websites that assess the online tools on different criteria and rate the tools for users. You can find a good online tool with the help of those websites.

When you find the right online tool, you can use that tool to check your text for any kinds of mistakes related to sentence fragments. Using these tools is very simple and easy.

Is Fragment Identifier an Effective Option?

Yes. A sentence fragment identifier is a very effective way of finding and fixing mistakes related to sentence fragments in your text. An online tool is designed and developed through input from linguistic experts and grammaticians, who help in designing the rules and algorithms from linguistic perspectives.

Those online tools use cutting-edge technologies and different types of standards in their algorithms implemented through software. Those technologies and standards include:

  • ✓ Natural language processing (NLP)
  • ✓Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • ✓ Referencing standards such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and others
  • ✓ Predictive techniques and others

Why Is Fragmented Sentence Checker Tool Used Widely Among Writers?

Using an online fragment sentence checker tool has become a new standard in online proofreading and finding text mistakes, especially sentence fragments, comma splice, and run-on sentences. It is highly popular among students, teachers, and many other types of writers. There are certain reasons for this huge popularity of online fragment checker tools as listed below:

  • Speed and accuracy – Online fragmented sentence checker tools are very fast in checking the text of different lengths to find out the mistakes related to all types of sentence fragments, run-ons, and other issues. The accuracy of the results is very high that increases the traction of those online tools in a wide range of writers.
  • Featured and reliable – Online tools are highly featured and reliable in terms of finding and fixing the grammatical mistakes in the texts. Those tools offer tone detection, personalized setting options, text grading, and many other things.
  • Cloud-based service – Online tools are cloud-based platforms, which can be accessed through the supported browsers from anywhere across the world. There is no need for any downloads, installations, and maintenance for the apps.
  • Support for a wide range of writings – Online fragmented sentence checker tools support different types of writings such as academic writings, research papers, business documents, corporate communication, scientific content, marketing material, and many others.

How Does Our Sentence Fragment Fixer Tool Stands Out from Others?

Our online sentence fragment fixer tool is one of the most powerful and feature-rich tools in the marketplace. It has many great features, which make it stand out from the other major competitors in the marketplace. A few very important features and capabilities, which make our online fragmented sentence checker tool stand out from others are listed below:

  1. Checks text for literature, science, arts, academics, journalism, business, finance, marketing, and other domains
  2. Uses modern technologies like AI, NLP, data analytics, and others
  3. Extensive insight into your daily, weekly, monthly, and annually work
  4. Enhances writing through tone improvement, plagiarism detection, and style formatting
  5. Catches subordinate, appositive fragments, infinitive clauses, and other errors
  6. Checks fluency, effectiveness, and formality levels in a wide range of categories of writings
  7. Numerous additional features such as grammar checking, punctuation correction, spelling mistakes, active and passive voice misuses, verb and subject disagreements, tense shifting, and many others

If you are concerned about how to fix fragments in your text, try our sentence corrector to polish your writing to perfection with full confidence now!