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According to the LA Trobe University information, the issue of sentence fragment is one of the top 10 mistakes made by the students in their writings. The run-on sentence is another very critical error found in the writings of students. How to fix fragments and run on sentences is a very cumbersome task that requires time, energy, and money substantially.

An online sentence fragment fixer tool has become desirable support for the students and other types of writers to help repair the sentence fragment by making it a complete sentence in their papers. Let’s have a look at different aspects of sentence fragments and an online sentence fragment detector in this article.

Overview of Sentence Fragment Checker: FAQ

An incomplete sentence checker is an online tool used for sentence fragment repair in different types of writings by a wide range of writers. Before we deep dive into different aspects of an online sentence checker tool, let’s have a look at a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) that arise in the minds of students and other writers.

Q. What makes a sentence fragment?

Any combination of words that does not produce complete meaning or does not express the complete ideas behind the combination of the words. We cannot say it a complete sentence because it does not make sense on its own; such incomplete sentences are known as sentence fragments.

Q: What are the types of sentence fragments?

Sentence fragments are of numerous types. A few very important types of sentence fragments are listed below:

main types of sentence fragments
  • ✓ Subordinate clause fragment
  • ✓ Lone verb fragment
  • ✓Appositional fragments
  • ✓ Infinitive phrase fragment
  • ✓ Participle phrase fragment, etc.

Q: How do you identify fragments?

Identifying fragments is an activity that requires expertise in English grammar. You can identify by following the below rules of thumbs:

how to identify and fix sentence fragment online
  • ✓ Missing proper punctuation connecting independent and dependent clauses
  • ✓ Absence of an independent clause in the sentence
  • ✓ Absence of subject or verb in a sentence
  • ✓ Missing complete sense in a sentence
  • ✓ Identifying the markers of the types of fragments

Q: Can you identify and fix sentence fragment online?

Yes, you can use the repair sentence fragments tool to identify and correct the sentence fragments online. Numerous types of such as a sentence fragment checker are available online to find sentence fragments in your text online.

Q: Do you always need to avoid fragments?

Yes. You need to avoid fragments in the text because it makes them meaningless and pathetic writing, which does not produce the desired bottom lines.

Introduction to Our Fragment Sentence Corrector Online Tool

Our online fragment sentence finder and fixer is a highly efficient, accurate, and useful tool for a wide range of writers such as students, researchers, teachers, technical writers, academic writers, corporate writers, marketers, and many others. It is a highly effective tool to make your writing free from fragment and run-on sentences, which are very critical writing issues in all kinds of drafts.

Our fragment sentence corrector is highly featured that offers many additional capabilities to make your text highly professional and attractive. Is this a fragment checker with spelling and grammatical error correction? The simple answer to this question is yes. Our tool offers basic features of fragment sentence correction and many additional features that are mentioned below:

  1. Fragment sentence checking – Our online fragment checker is a specialized tool in this domain. It can detect and fix all types of fragment sentences as well as run-on sentences in your text.
  2. Grammatical error correction – Our online tool is capable of detecting numerous types of grammatical errors related to the misuse of nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, adjectives, and verbs.
  3. Active and passive voice correction – The misuse of active and passive voices is one of the major issues in English writing. Our professional-grade online tool is capable of detecting and fixing those misuses of active and passive voices to make your writing perfect.
  4. Spelling checking – Spelling is a very common type of mistake committed by writers in English writing. This tool can help you catch all spelling mistakes and offers the correct spelling for that particular mistake.
  5. Punctuation correction – Punctuation is one of the root causes of run-on and fragment sentences as well as other numerous issues in your writing. Our online platform helps you correct punctuation errors effectively.
  6. Text tone detection – The right tone of the text is very critical in realizing the real objectives of any type of writings. Our online tool helps you detect the type of tool of your text. You can improve your tone to make your text more attractive.
  7. Prepositional phrase correction – The misuse of prepositional phrases is another very important issue, which can make your writing unprofessional and ineffective. Our tool can help you catch prepositional phrase errors and correct them accordingly.
  8. Plagiarism detection – With our specialized tool, you can check and make sure that your entire content is free from any kind of plagiarism.
sentence fragment finder features

Examples: How to Correct Sentence Fragments Via Our Fragment Reviser Online?

How do I find fragments with the fragment detector? The answer to this one of the most common questions is so simple. You need a few steps to check fragment sentences through our online fragment checker as listed below.

  1. Copy and paste your text into the input field of our online fragment sentence checker
  2. Click the “Check my text for free” button. The tool checks your text and underlines the mistakes and misuses in your text
  3. Click the underlined word or sentence. The explanation of a fragment sentence and correct options appear.
  4. Choose the right option. And repeat this process for all mistakes.
  5. You are done!

The examples of fragment sentences missing independent clauses and corrected by our tools are listed below:

Fragment: Since Anne hasn’t been to the hill station.

Complete: We should invite her to join us since Anne hasn’t been to the hill station.

Fragment: Worrying that he would meet an accident.

Complete: He drives the car carefully, worrying that he would meet an accident.

A few other examples of fragment sentences in which the verbs and subjects are missing and their correct versions are mentioned below:

Fragment: Developed the vaccine against the virus.

Complete: Researchers developed the vaccine against the virus.

Fragment: A great time for excitement and pleasure.

Complete: Whole day picnic was a great time for excitement and pleasure.

You can use our online tool to find and fix numerous types of other fragment sentences in your text accurately and effectively.

Benefits of Sentence Fragments Finder Compared to Manual Checking

Using an online fragment finder is more beneficial than checking the text manually for finding the fragment sentences. Automatic fragment checking offers the following benefits as compared to manual checking:

  • Saves time – Using an online fragment checker is very fast and provides the results in a few seconds. Thus, you save a substantial time as compared to manual checking, which needs huge time to check and correct the mistakes.
  • Saves money – Our online tool is free to use. You don’t need to pay; while, you need to pay for using any manual checking services.
  • Reduced chances of missing – Online tools are powered by the latest technologies, which resolve all mistakes without any kind of big missing or errors.
  • Learning support – Our online tool helps you improve your proofreading skills through suggestive learning.
  • Cloud-based tool – Our tool is powered by the cloud, which can be accessed round the clock from anywhere in the world.

If you want to make your papers free from sentence fragments, try our reliable online sentence fragment finder tool to fix sentence fragments online for free now!